Comic Review: Batman Year 100

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Comic Review: Batman Year 100

Batman Year 100

Batman Year 100

It’s 100 years in the future and crime is still rampant in the city of Gotham. Batman is a myth but does he still exist. This futuristic DC title is written by Paul Pope (Catwoman, PHB) and illustrated by Jose Villarrubia (Crossing Midnight, Sweet Tooth).

In the year 2039 Gotham City is a police state where people’s lives are scrutinized and their rights are a thing of the past. Federal agents are constantly at end’s with the Gotham Police as they try to track down the mythical batman. They’re not the only one’s looking for him. So is the grandson of Commissioner Gordon, who wants to see what he knows about the death of a Federal Agent. If this so called Batman does exist who is he? Could he possibly be Bruce Wayne?

This is a very grimy and dirty future full of distrust. Batman is done in a way that is very different from how we remember him. Interesting take on the Batman of the future.

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