Comic Review: The Incredible Hulk Volume 1

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Comic Review: The Incredible Hulk Volume 1

The Incredible Hulk Volume 1

The Incredible Hulk Volume 1

Bruce Banner and the Hulk square off with The Island of Doctor Moreau type monster’s. This last Hulk series before Marvel Now reboot is written by Jason Aaron (Wolverine Weapon X, Ghost Rider) and illustrated by Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Cyber Force) for the first 3 and Whilce Portacio (Wetworks, Alpha Flight) for the last 4.

The Hulk, sick of Bruce Banner, finds away to separate them into their own bodies. Leaving Banner, Hulk goes to live inside the earth with a race of mole people. Eventually his peace is disrupted by a government agency needing his help. It’s Banner, he is living on a deserted island trying to create Hulk creatures. Reluctantly the Hulk accepts and set’s about to bring Banner down.

This is a great series, hulk fan or not, the Doctor Moreau animals are frigin awesome. Both of the illustrators do a great job of bringing forth the craziness of what Banner is doing and the animal/monsters. If you enjoyed this volume check out the next one, story line gets even better.

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