Latest News: The Flash Appears on Arrow TV Series!

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The Flash Appears on Arrow TV Series!

The Flash will be appearing as a guest on the CW Arrow TV series.  Barry Allen will be appearing in 3 episodes with the 3rd one being a backdoor pilot into the new Flash TV series being created by two of the three Arrow TV series creators, Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti and DC Comics superstar writer, Geoff Johns.  No official announcement has been made as to when the new Flash tv series will begin. Johns also wrote two upcoming episodes of Arrow for season two. These would episode 8 and 9 which most likely be the episodes the Scarlet Speedster from Central City will appear in.

This may not be the live action appearance that comic book fans have been looking forward to but it will have to do for now. Marc Guggenheim stated that he still plans on making a Flash movie and is aiming at a release date sometime in 2016.

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