Comic Review: A.D.D. Adolescent Demo Division

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Comic Review: A.D.D. Adolescent Demo Division

A.D.D. Adolescent Demo Division

A.D.D. Adolescent Demo Division

A world where media reigns supreme, there is a much darker reason behind a group of teenage video game celebrities. A Vertigo series written by Douglas Rushkoff (Testament, Club Zero-G) and illustrated by Goran Sudzuka (Y: The last Man, Outlaw Nation).

The A.D.D. (Adolescent Demo Division) is a group of kids raised from birth to test and play video games. Through their reality TV show they can reach the masses and are idolized by the younger generations. The group lives in a facility where their health and reaction times are constantly measured. If needed, they’re given medication to help them perform at their full potential. But behind all this, there are ulterior motives for all these actions.

A introspective view on our current societal obsession with games and performance. Filled with gamer lingo and illuminating artwork. Worth a read for the interesting ideas put forth.

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