Comic Review: Comeback

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Comic Review: Comeback



A company that can go back in time to save your loved ones. With such a new technology, surely all the kinks and dangers have been worked out, right? An image comic from local author Ed Brisson (Prophet, Change) and illustrated by Michael Walsh (Murder Book, The X-Files: Season 10).

Reconnect is a company that is very exclusive, only those with cash can afford it. If your loved one happens to die, reconnect can go back in time to make sure that doesn’t happen. A team has been sent back to save life of a car crash victim, when things go horribly wrong. Stuck in the past, one of them receives an e-mail from the present, telling him not to trust anyone. On top of this, the FBI is also looking into the company.

I met Brisson once here in Burnaby, BC and he is a super nice guy. So I’m always happy to read his stuff when he is writing. This is an amazing story, that has a deep understanding of time travel and it’s consequences. You’re always on the edge of your seat waiting to see how things are going to turn out. I highly suggest you check out his other series Murder Book, it really has a Vancouver feel to it.

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