Comic Review: Fury MAX My War Gone By Volume 1

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Comic Review: Fury MAX My War Gone By Volume 1

Fury MAX My War Gone By Volume 1

Fury MAX My War Gone By Volume 1

A series of tales throughout the decades of war and secret operations that Nick Fury has been involved in. A Marvel MAX series written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hitman) and illustrated by Goran Parlov.

Sitting in a room with a drink and cigar in one hand and microphone in the other, Fury begins to record the things he has done for his country. Starting in Vietnam 1954 he tales the tale of trying to keep the country in the hands of the French. A bloody battle that ultimately does not work in their favor. The second tale is that of Cuba in 1961 during the bay of pigs. Not only did he have a hand in training the soldiers, he also tried to assassinate Castro. A life of constant war is the only thing Colonel Nick Fury has known.

As with all MAX series, it’s full of violence, sex and bad language, it’s about time Nick Fury was done on this imprint. His life lends itself to that of horror and destruction. Goran’s artwork really shows the truth and brutality of war and the actions Nick is, at times, forced to take.A really amazing series that just wrapped up with issue 13 , it’s absolutely worth your time and money.

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