Comic Review: Wolverine Goes To Hell

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Comic Review: Wolverine Goes To Hell

Wolverine Goes To Hell

Wolverine Goes To Hell

Has his past transgressions  finally caught up with Logan or are there devilish forces at work. A Marvel story written by Jason Aaron (Scalped, Punisher MAX) and illustrated Renato Guedes (Constantine, OMAC), has someone finally done the impossible and killed Wolverine.

Wolverine is falling into the pits of hell and he’s not exactly sure how this happened. Landing firmly on the ground he is greeted by the king of hell. His only goal is to break Wolverine’s will, which he starts by sending his demons to fight him. Wolverine quickly finds out that even though he can’t die, he can’t heal either. While in hell, his body still survives upon the earth under the control of demon’s. It may be a long time before we see the real Wolverine again.

Great concept, sending him to hell but, the story starts quite abruptly. You need to go with the story for awhile before you get an idea of how this all came together. Really enjoyed the demon’s and guy running hell, you never really get a sense of who he is. Give it a try and find out what happens to Wolverine.

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