Comic Review: Batman & Robin Batman Reborn

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Comic Review: Batman & Robin Batman Reborn

Batman & Robin Batman Reborn

Batman & Robin Batman Reborn

After the events of Final Crisis a new Batman & Robin duo have taken up the mantle. DC Comics Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn is written by Grant Morrison (The Filth, All Star Superman) and illustrated by Frank Quitely (The Authority, Bite Club).

Bruce Wayne has died sacrificing his life to save the world. Now it’s up to Dick Grayson, the one time Robin to becomeĀ  Batman. Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son is now donning the robes of Robin. Together they must learn what it means to work as a team, which is no small task. With a new enemy, Pyg, spreading fear across Gotham City, these new team mates are going to have their hands full.

Dick and Damian really bring a new dynamic to the Batman & Robin series. With such different styles and philosophies they are constantly butting heads. The artwork really shows how sick and demented Pyg really is. I found myself becoming fearful of this new villain.

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