Comic Review: Batman The Cult

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Comic Review: Batman The Cult

Batman The Cult

Batman The Cult

Batman is brought to the brink of insanity and his ability to maintain control over his body. A DC title written by Jim Starlin (Warlock And The Infinity Watch, Dreadstar) and illustrated by Bernie Wrightson (House Of Secrets, Swamp Thing).

The homeless of Gotham City have been disappearing as of late. They aren’t the only one’s who’ve gone missing, so has Batman. Taken captive by the hoards of homeless and their cult leader Deacon Blackfire. During captivity he is brainwashed to the point that he follows the Deacon without question. Now under his spell he begins to commit crimes for the cult. Can Batman regain control or will continue to be a pawn.

Interesting take on the mind of Batman under duress. For once Batman is unable to withstand the brainwashing of his attacker. Ranked number 6 in IGN’s top 25 greatest Batman comic’s it’s worth your time.

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