Comic Review: The Pro

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Comic Review: The Pro

The Pro

The Pro

You know what you don’t see enough of in comics, super powered prostitutes. Image will take care of all your needs honey, with this title written by Garth Ennis (Punisher, The Boys) and illustrated by Amanda Conner (Vampirella, Power Girl).

Being a prostitute is not an easy job. You’re on your feet/back/knees all day, the money’s not great and the hours are horrible. That all changes for one lucky lady when she is given superpowers by a being known as The Viewer. Endowed with powers she is asked to join the League of Honor. Her new team mates are the Saint, the Knight & the Squire, the Lady, the Lime, and Speedo. Together they fight crime for all mankind.

Hilarious parody of the world of superhero’s, Garth is having some fun here. Artwork and conversations are crude and lowbrow, that’s definitely a good thing.

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