Latest News: Marvel Studios signs exclusive deal with Netflix to produce 5 new series

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Marvel Studios signs exclusive deal with Netflix to produce 5 new series

If Netflix wasn’t already pretty awesome where you can get unlimited access to TV series and movies for only $8 a month, here’s another reason. Marvel Studios has signed and exclusivity deal with online content provider, Netflix, to have 5 new series based on Marvel properties. Through ABC Studios, Netflix will have webseries of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. Each series will have a minimum of 13 episodes. Then a 5th webseries will have the 4 characters team-up for a Defenders series.  The first of these webseries will debut in 2015 starting with Daredevil.

With the success of the Agent of Shield series, I guess Marvel is going full force to compete with DC in terms of “TV” dominance. Even though Netflix is more of an online content provider, I think it’s a pretty smart move considering more and more people are getting rid of their regular cable provider and switching to online content provider especially with the rise of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.  Either way, DC is going to have to step it to compete with Marvel.

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