Comic Review: Batman The Dark Knight Returns

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Comic Review: Batman The Dark Knight Returns

Batman The Dark Knight Returns

Batman The Dark Knight Returns

A story about Batman who has been retired for quite some time, coming back to defend the city of Gotham. A well known DC title written by Frank Miller (Sin City, Batman Legends) and illustrated by Frank and Klaus Janson (Thor, The Defenders).

Bruce Wayne is 55 years old and still living in Gotham but things have changed. For starters he has not been Batman for many years. Crime is on the rise and a certain street gang is infesting the streets. Soon Bruce can’t take standing idly by any more and once again he takes up the mantel of the Bat. Now that he is back, Batman is sure to attract the wrath of the underworld criminals and maybe even some old enemies.

Frank miller helped to bring the masses back to Batman with this series. The dystopian future aspect is very cool but the artwork also makes it feel 1980-ish. Also look forward to a big epic battle near the end. Come read what brought so many people back to Batman.

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