Latest News: Make a Wish Foundation has “BatKid” save “Gotham City”

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Make a Wish Foundation has “BatKid” save “Gotham City”

There was Batman, Batgirl, Bathound, Batwing, and now…..we got BATKID!

The good people at Make A Wish Foundation made a 5 year old cancer survivor’s wish come true!  San Francisco turned into “Gotham City” for the day with over 13,000 volunteers coming out to support the event! Teamed with Batman and Robin (his little brother), Batkid came to save a damsel in distress tied to a street car and then took out the Riddler. After his work was done, he took off in his batmobile, a donated Lamborghini.

For pictures go to CBC News Blog

Watch this video on CBC News site to see the whole story!

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