Latest News: DC Comics moves HQ from the Big Apple to California Sunshine!

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Latest News: DC Comics moves HQ from the Big Apple to California Sunshine!

DC Comics is packing their bags and moving from the East Coast to the West Coast.  In 2009, Warner Bros Studios took over operations of DC Comics and renamed it DC Entertainment. The film, television, video games, consumer products and administration of the company moved over to Burbank, California back in 2010 with the publishing arm still operating in New York. The publishing arm of DC Entertainment move is planned to be sometime in April 2015. Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment, states the move is to consolidate the company and promote greater transparency within the company. DC Comics has had their publishing operations since it’s inception back in 1936  as National Periodicals.

Behind the scene, this move is probably long overdue since most of the revenue from DC Entertainment is from their films and television properties and  since Warner Bros Studios is based in Burbank. As well, the bulk of current crop of creative talent is based out in the West Coast. I wonder how long it would be before Marvel would move its HQ over to the West Coast as well since Marvel Studios and Disney are both based out of California.

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