Comic Review: Batman: The Court of Owls Volume 1

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Comic Review: Batman: The Court of Owls, Volume 1

Batman: The Court of Owls, Volume 1

Batman: The Court of Owls, Volume 1

When you hear people say this may be the best comic of 2012, it’s not a Batman bias. It’s because the story takes a hold of you and never lets you know where it will go next. Writer Scott Snyder (Iron Man Noir, Swamp Thing), penciller Greg Capullo (Spawn, The Creech), and inker Jonathan Glapion (Teen Titans, Green Lantern) have brought to life a new enemy that threatens not only Batman but Gotham City itself.

The Court of Owls brings Batman to a point even he might not be able to come back from. This seemingly new group may be his downfall. With their eyes and ears everywhere, Batman is the one playing catchup to discover anything he can about this new foe. If Batman stop them, “The Court of Owls has sentenced you die,” may be the last thing he hears.

With so many different Batman comic series coming out DC’s New 52 it’s hard to know where to start. This one should be first on everyone’s list.The first issue may seem a bit slow but once you are introduced to the Owls you can’t help but wonder who these people are and where they came from.

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