Comic Review: Avengers Vs X-Men

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Comic Review: Avengers Vs X-Men

Avengers VS X-Men

Avengers VS X-Men

The Phoenix Force is returning to earth once again, which starts a conflict between the Avengers and X-Men over what to do. This massive 12 issue event by Marvel has various authors and illustrators throughout its run.

Sam Alexander crash lands on earth and before he goes into a coma he tells the Avengers of the impending arrival of the Phoenix Force on earth. Believing that it will inhabit the body of Hope Summers, Captain American travels to Utopia, the home of the mutants. He asks Cyclops to hand over Hope so the Avengers can protect her but Scott doesn’t agree. He believes she will be the savior of the Mutants. With no choice, Captain America goes to get the Avengers. This leads to an all out battle between the two forces and the fate of the Phoenix Force.

I really enjoyed this series. Full of epic battles, some outcomes are easy to guess while others take you by complete surprise. There are some serious consequences resulting from this that lead up into the current run of Marvel Comics.

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