Comic Review: Aphrodite IX Vol 1

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Comic Review: Aphrodite IX Vol 1

Image Comics Aphrodite IX Vol 1 tp

Image Comics Aphrodite IX Vol 1 tp

Image Comics/Top Cow Productions has been known in the past to put some really pretty comic books but most times that is all they are pretty. At first glance, Aphrodite IX seems to be another one of those types of books. As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. After reading the first volume of this series, I found myself craving for me. Not only does the artwork look fantastic, the story is also really good.

The basis of the story is like Aeon Flux meets James Cameron’s Avatar and throw in some Halo video game action. The title character Aphrodite IX is a femme-fatale, genetically altered humanoid assassin who is controlled by a handler. Earth in is a post apocalyptic state with two surviving races at war with one another living on an area along the Earth’s equator that is still habitable. One race is homo-sapien with genetic enhancements living in air fortresses and the other is a race of cybernetic homo-sapiens living on the ground. The two are at war for political control and survival with Aphrodite IX unwillingly trapped in the middle of it.

The story is written by Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Necromancer) and drawn by Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade, Army of Darkness). The artwork is beautifully done with nicely painted panels and Top Cow President/CEO Hawkins has definitely written a great story!  I could see either movie or a TV series done on this property sometime in the near future.

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