Comic Review: Kingdom Come

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Comic Review: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

This DC book really got me into reading comics. It’s the story of how after Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the older superheros quit, the present generation heroes are faced with the blurred line between right and wrong.Writer, Mark Waid (Incorruptible, Daredevil) and artist, Alex Ross (Astro City, Universe X), tell this story.

The superheroes that fight to save people have lost their way. They’re more concerned with destroying their enemies than saving the lives of the people in danger. Superman has been retired for some time but still keeps an eye on the world. One day, he can no longer let things continue down its current path.  His intervention and presence brings out the heroes of the  old. With these actions, a rift in ideals is created that challenges the status quo.

The story delves into what truly makes a superhero. Is it just fighting evil at any cost or is it more than that. Being that this is in the future, you get to see how age has changed some of your favorite heroes. You may be surprised to see how some have changed.

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