Comic Review: Superman The Black Ring Volume 1

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Comic Review: Superman The Black Ring Volume 1

Superman The Black Ring

Superman The Black Ring

An awesome series that is all about Lex Luthor and his strive for more power. A great DC series written by Paul Cornell (Saucer Country, Demon Knights) and illustrated by Pete Woods (Legion Lost).

Lex Luthor is at the top of his game, he has finally regained control of his company LexCorp but this is not enough. Recently, Lex has wielded the power of the orange lantern ring. Hoping to regain these powers again, he begins a quest to find the power behind the black ring. Can he find a way to control this power and will he use it to defeat Superman?

This series is filled with interesting side characters such as Gorilla Grodd and a Robo-Lois. It also takes an in-depth look at the psych of Lex during a near death experience. Tons of stuff here for anyone looking for more on Lex Luthor.

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