Comic Review: 100 Bullets Volume 1 First Shot Last Call

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Comic Review: 100 Bullets, Volume 1: First Shot, Last Call

100 Bullets, Volume 1:, First Shot, Last Call

100 Bullets, Volume 1: First Shot, Last Call

Vertigo is one of my favorite publishers because they are always guaranteed to put out new and exciting ongoing series — 100 bullets rightly falls into that category. With a writer like Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman, Hellblazer) and artist Eduardo Risso (Spaceman, Logan) teaming up, the results will be something to spectacular.

You’re minding your own business and an older gentlemen gets your attention. He shows you a briefcase and explains its contents. Inside is a gun, 100 bullets and a folder. In that folder is proof of a wrong done against you and the chance to take revenge.  The gun and bullets are untraceable. If you are caught by the police upon finding those items they will give them back and let you go. It’s up to you if you decide to take revenge or not. As for the old mans motives — that’s a story for another time.

The writing sounds like a conversation you might over hear at some dive bar or walking through a dark alley at night. The images feel dark and desperate, which adds different dimensions to each character. You see the despair on one person’s whole being opposed to the privileged aura of another.

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