Comic Review: Orchid Volume 1

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Comic Review: Orchid, Volume 1

Orchid Volume 1

Orchid Volume 1

Rage Against The Machine in comic form? Almost. Tom Morello is the guitarist from Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, and his solo acoustic act The Nightwatchman. He decided to write a comic series at Dark Horse with Scott Hepburn (Sentinel, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) doing the illustrations.

One day, the sea levels rose and the earth as we knew it changed. Animals changed on a genetic level becoming bigger, more ferocious, and the dominant species. The high grounds became the safest place to live but belonged to the rich and powerful. Those poor who wished to live within their safety became slaves. The rest try their best to live freely in towns under bridges, staying as safe as possible from the untamed wild and the wrath of their masters up high.

This series shows you how quickly we revert back to the strong dominating the weak. With the world taken over by lush forests and overgrowth each page is a delight to look at. All you want is for them to go all over the world to see how the earth has changed. Tom has written an amazing story and no matter what your political/world view you should just appreciate for what it is. A great story!

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