Comic Review: World War Hulk

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Comic Review: World War Hulk

World War Hulk

World War Hulk

The Hulk has come back to earth and he is seeking revenge for the destruction of Sakaar. A Marvel series written by Greg Pak (Herc, Dead Man’s Run) and illustrated by John Romita JR. (Thor, Wolverine).

The Hulk is Back on planet earth and he is out for blood. He wants revenge against those who sent him to Sakaar and blew up the planet. One by one he hunts down the members of the Illuminati whom he holds responsible. Anyone who gets in his way, he makes into slaves, forced to fight each other in battle. It looks like the Hulk can’t be stopped.

Following Planet Hulk this series keeps up the quick pace from that comic. The destruction and brutality is intense and unrelenting. Can be read even without reading Planet Hulk.

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