Comic Review: Identity Crisis

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Comic Review: Identity Crisis

DC Comics Identity Crisis

DC Comics Identity Crisis

This is one of the starting points leading into the current events in the DC Universe. Identity Crisis puts the heroes into a spiral of fear and distrust. A story written by acclaimed novelist Brad Meltzer (Green Arrow, JLA) and drawn by Rags Morales (Action Comics, Hawkman).

The Elongated Man’s wife dies mysteriously and brings the entire Justice League together to deal with the circumstances of her death. No one is quite sure what has happened but everyone is eager to lend a helping hand. Batman, the world’s greatest detective, leads the way. What he uncovers starts a chain reaction of events that has a lasting impact that is still felt today.

This is an excellent story with lots of twists and turns that leaves you with more questions than answers. The artwork is adequate for the story but nothing spectacular. The aftermath of the events in story leads into Infinite Crisis.



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