Comic Review: Saucer Country Volume 1 Run

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Comic Review: Saucer Country Volume 1 Run

Saucer Country Volume 1 Run

Saucer Country Volume 1 Run

What’s worse than being abducted by aliens and no one believing you? How about being abducted, while running for president and not being able to tell anyone. A Vertigo series about aliens written by Paul Cornell (Demon Knights, Action Comcis) and illustrated by Ryan Kelly (Local, American Virgin).

Arcadia Alvarado is the governor of New Mexico and is considering running for President Of The United States. She does have a couple of things that may stop that dream before it starts. Her ex-husband Michael, who is an alcoholic and the one night where she claims she was abducted by aliens. Only remembering bits and pieces of it, she enlists the help of a former Harvard professor, Professor Kidd. She hopes that he can return the memory of what happened that night.

Super fun comic full of intriguingly weird subject matter. Artwork is great kinda has a 1950’s era feel to it. In some of the issues they have separate stories about people’s true tales of abduction.

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