Comic Review: The Punisher Enter The War Zone

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Comic Review: The Punisher Enter The War Zone

The Punisher Enter The War Zone

The Punisher Enter The War Zone

With the avengers after The Punisher, is this one enemy that he can’t defeat. This Marvel series written by Greg Rucka (Queen & Country, Detective Comics) and illustrated by Carmine Di Giandomenico (Journey Into Mystery, Iron Man 2.0) is the end of the most recent Punisher run.

The Punisher’s recent accomplice is on trial for the killing of a police officer. With the public opinion of the Punisher at an all time low, people are looking for justice.  Unfortunately the Avengers agree and they’re looking to lock him up. With such powerful adversaries after the Punisher and the fact that he won’t kill them, can he survive. Or is this finally the end of the Punisher’s long career.

Great ending to the series, honestly didn’t see the whole Avengers thing coming. Each issue is the Punisher facing off against an individual member of the team leading up to a final battle. There is no Punisher title currently running so if you are looking for more of him check out the Thunderbolts series.

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