Comic Review: Gambit Volume 1 Once A Thief

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Comic Review: Gambit Volume 1 Once A Thief

Gambit Volume 1 Once A Thief

Gambit Volume 1 Once A Thief

A new series about Gambit and his thieving ways. A Marvel Comic written by James Asmus (Thief Of Thieves, Generation Hope) and illustrated by Clay Mann (X-Men Legacy, Heroes For Hire).

When he’s not helping out the X-Men, Gambit is usually up to no good. Today is no different, his target–Borya Cich. A man who bankrolls supervillians. If things don’t work out he keeps their high-tech toys. Those toys are precisely what he is after. It doesn’t take long before Mr. Cich spots Gambit and warns him not to get up to any mischief. This only makes things more interesting for Gambit. What’s the fun in stealing if there isn’t a challenge.

It’s nice to see Gambit back with his own series. Even better is that it’s about him robbing people. I’ve always liked Gambit but not the fact that they make him such a good guy. Not saying he isn’t but he is a thief at heart.

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