Comic Review: Batman And Son

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Comic Review: Batman And Son

Batman And Son

Batman And Son

A great series of Batman stories in their own right. They are made even better by what this sets up for the future of the Batman universe. This DC title is written by Grant Morrison (Animal Man, Action Comics) and illustrated by Andy Kubert (Doc Savage, Trinity).

Batman has been so busy fighting crime that he has been ignoring his public duties as Bruce Wayne. Bruce gets away from Gotham by attending a London Pop Art museum but it’s not long before something goes wrong. The gala is suddenly attacked by a swarm of man-bat soldiers and pretty soon, Batman is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, Talia has quite the surprise for her former lover.

There are so many good things going on for this Batman collection. The 3 incarnations of Batman, the introduction of the son of Batman and a standalone Joker story. This single issue is considered one of the top ten Joker stories of all time. You will be blown away by the artwork. It’s truly amazing!  There are tons of reasons to get this comic, so pick one and enjoy.

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