Comic Review: Fell Volume 1 Feral City

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Comic Review: Fell Volume 1 Feral City

Fell Volume 1 Feral City

Fell Volume 1 Feral City

A truly creepy and uneasy tale of rampant crime and chaos from Warren Ellis (Planetary, DV8) and artist Ben Templesmith (Wasteland, Wormwood:Gentleman Corpse) in this comic from Image.

A city that gives you the sense that not all is right in the world. Especially in the place known as Snowtown. This is where homicide detective Richard Fell has been sent after messing up a case back home. Along with the 3 and a half other police officers, it’s up to Fell to deal with this diseased city.

The paneling of this comic was designed to give the reader more bang for their buck. So each page is 9 panels. The panels and artwork along side each other show the bizarre nature of the people and their city. I will warn you that the series is on hiatus after 9 issues. It is possible that it will start up again this year but don’t hold your breath.

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