Comic Review: Battle Pope Volume 1 Genesis

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Comic Review: Battle Pope Volume 1 Genesis

Battle Pope Volume 1 Genesis

Battle Pope Volume 1 Genesis

The pope, Jesus, heaven, hell and corporations are all parts of a great comic book. Image Comic’s series written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Thief of Thieves) and illustrated by Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Venom).

God was pretty unhappy with the people of Earth so he decided to open the gates of hell. Years of war raged on until a treaty was reached between human kind and demons. Now they live together on Earth, with some demons even starting a corporation–Hellcorp. Keeping watch over humankind, god calls on the Pope. He enlists his help and is sent back to earth with his son Jesus. Together they can manage any threat coming their way.

God damn hilarious, cool concept and blasphemous as hell. Nuff said, go forth and read this series, so sayeth the lord.

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