Comic Review: Supercrooks The Heist

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Comic Review: Supercrooks The Heist

Supercrooks The Heist

Supercrooks The Heist

Pulling the ultimate heist with the baddest super-criminals around, what could go wrong? An Icon title written by Mark Millar (Ultimate X-Men, Swamp Thing) and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu (Wolverine, The New Avengers).

Johnny, a super-criminal, is fresh out of jail and it doesn’t take long before he is breaking the law again. His friend and mentor The Heat has racked up a 100 million dollar debt and he needs Johnny’s help. They decide to get their old friends back together and blackmail those who aren’t willing. The job is to steal from a man known as The Bastard–the worlds most feared supervillan.

Another Millar mini-series that’s going to be made into a movie. It’s easy to see why they picked this one as it transitions into a movie pretty easily. Heavy on the drama and suspense it makes a damn fine comic.

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