Comic Review: Crossed Volume 1

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Comic Review: Crossed Volume 1


Crossed Volume 1

Crossed Volume 1

Bloody, vile, disgusting, violent, shocking, brutal, unforgiving and grotesque. If you don’t like this combination of words than Garth Ennis’s (Hitman, Fury:MAX) Crossed from Avatar is not the comic for you.

The world changed in the blink of an eye. People started to change and when they became infected, they turned crossed. People became unstoppable machines who’s sole purpose was to kill and rape at every waking moment. A group of people have banned together who just happened to be near each other when the world turned. There is no resistance or plan to take back the world, there is only survival.

You are either going to love this comic (hopefully not in some sexual way) or you will hate it. Behind all the violence there is a story. It’s about people, who they become and what they do when the worst is happening. Jacen Burrows (Wormwood, Scars) artwork shows the horrors and fear of the Crossed world. If you like this series, the current incarnation is a bi-monthly series called Crossed:Badlands which starts a new story every 3-5 issues. Also there is a free web-comic series called Crossed:Wish You Were Here at

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