Comic Review: Joker

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Comic Review: Joker



Told from the perspective of a criminal working for the Joker. This DC title written by Brian Azzarello (Doc Savage, Cage) and illustrated by Lee Bermejo (Hellblazer, Winter Soldier ) is the criminal side of things in Gotham City.

Jonny Frost is a menial criminal sent to pick up the Joker from Arkham Asylum. Joker instantly takes a liking to Frost and takes him into the fold. What ensues is an unprecedented viewing of the Joker and what makes him tick. During their escapades, Frost begins to question if this is the future he really wants.

It’s always interesting to see new material on the Joker. With this title you get a 24/7 window into what The Joker does with his time.  The artwork really grasps the disgusting nature of the Joker and the crimes he commits. Great read for anyone who enjoys the despicable nature of The Joker.

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