Comic Review: Punk Rock Jesus

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Comic Review: Punk Rock Jesus

Punk Rock Jesus

Punk Rock Jesus

Jesus died for or sins the first time round. This time he is being cloned for our entertainment and why not! Bringing the light of our newly cloned lord and savior to Vertigo is Sean Murphy (Joe The Barbarian, The Wake) doing the writing and illustrations for this story.

It’s the return of our lord and savior in the 21st century. From the Shroud of Turin, DNA was lifted and implanted in a virgin mother. Little baby Chris was born in front of a live TV audience and thus began the J2 reality TV series. He now lives at the J2 compound with his mother, a violently protective bodyguard and his trusty polar bear. How will Chris turn out with his life on view for the whole world to see and judge?

I really enjoyed this story. Seeing Chris’s (Jesus) growth from birth to childhood to a rebellious teenager is very rewarding. You get to see where he is let down and what gives him his convictions. I went back and forth on the artwork. At times I found it a bit harsh and other times I really enjoyed the simplicity of it. Overall it’s worth your time for the interesting read and the complex characters.

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