Comic Review: Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers

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Comic Review: Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers

Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers

Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers

With a strange disease ravaging the world and the population quickly dwindling, it’s up to the Avengers to save everyone. This mini series is written by Jonathan Maberry (Marvel Universe Vs The Punisher, Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine) and illustrated by Leandro Fernandez (Punisher MAX, Wolverine).

The world changed over night when, what appeared to be Spiderman trying to stop Rhino was actually Spiderman attacking him. From this singular event a disease started to spread across the world. The disease caused people to become mad with rage and an urge eat flesh. The Avengers tried to rally together but in the end they failed. The remaining members are now holed up together trying whatever they can to stop the disease.

This series is placed after Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine but before Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher. The story is told through the perspective of Hawkeye and how he views these events. Great story with an unexpected twist at the end of the first issue. You feel quite hopeless as you see what the Avengers are going through. Can be read out of order as each mini-series is set in a different time period.

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