Comic Review: 52

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Comic Review: 52

DC Comics 52 Omnibus

DC Comics 52 Omnibus

After the events of Infinite Crisis, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have disappeared with no one knowing their whereabouts. Not to be confused with the New 52, DC Comics created 52 as a vehicle to feature some of their less popular characters such as Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Black Adam, Animal Man and other lesser known characters. The introduction of Batwoman is also part of the series.

This series came out 1 issue week for 52 weeks and featured stories written by some of DC best writers which included Geoff Johns, Mark Waid and Grant Morrison and were drawn by a huge list of DC’s most talented artists which included Brian Bolland, Howard Chaykins, Ivan Reis, JG Jones, Adam Hughes, George Perez, Andy Kubert, and Ethan Van Sciver.

All in all the series was great for those of you want to read more in depth about the other characters that DC has in their stable. This series also featured many spin-off stories. Some notable ones that are worth reading are DC World War III featuring Black Adam, The Search for Ray Palmer, and  52 Pick-up Booster Gold

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