Comic Review: Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne

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Comic Review: Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne

Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne

Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne

It turns out that Batman isn’t really dead. Instead he’s falling through time, landing in and out of various historical periods. Bringing Batman back to life with this DC title is author Grant Morrison (Animal Man, Doom Patrol) and different artist for each of the 6 issues.

Batman is alive, it’s just a matter of when. Firstly he finds himself in the paleolithic era living with cavemen. From there he heads to a Pilgrim era Gotham village. Next he lands in the era of pirates and happens to meet a certain famous pirate. Still on the move he finds him self in the western era of Gotham city. The last place he ends up in is the 1950’s as a P.I.. Will he ever make it back to his present time line or will he be doomed to jump across history forever.

Great to see that Bruce is alive. It’s a lot of fun to see the different era’s that he visit’s and the forms/persona’s he takes on. If you want to know how Bruce came back to life this is where you find out.

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