Comic Review: Marvel Comics Civil War

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Comic Review: Marvel Comics Civil War

Marvel Comics Civil War TP Cover

Marvel Comics Civil War TP Cover

Civil War is a 7 part issue mini series featuring writing by Mark Millar (Wolverine, Ultimates, JLA) and artwork by Steve McNiven (CrossGen’s Mystic, Marvel Knights 4, Wolverine).

Following the events of House of M and Decimation, the US Government unanimously agreed to enact Superheroes Registration Act after the New Warriors filming a reality show end up causing an explosion created by Nitro which ended up blowing a neighbourhood killing 612 people including children.

The Superheroes Registration Act requires all heroes that are superpowered or non-superpowered to register with the US Government thereby also requiring them to reveal their identities as well.   Failure to do so will result in the person being deemed a criminal.

The Act causes a huge rift between all the heroes in Marvel Universe with those who are opposed to the Act lead by Captain America and those who are for the Act lead by Iron Man.

The story is well written with lots of twists and turns as you would expect from Mark Millar. Steve McNiven’s artwork is great. A must read for those who are just getting into Marvel Comics as it sets up many of the major events in the Marvel Universe in the last 8 years!

Civil War is available in 7 single issues, tradepaperback and hardcover

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