Comic Review: Batman Broken City

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Comic Review: Batman Broken City

Batman Broken City

Batman Broken City

It’s a noir style Batman story that has the perfect kind of grit that Brian Azzarello (Loveless, 100 Bullets) and Eduardo Risso (Spaceman, 100 Bullets) have come to be known. Their usual style transfers quite well into the world of Batman.

A murder takes place in Gotham City with a dead woman found in the dump. With the body partially eaten, it fits the profile of Killer Croc. When confronted Croc points out that there is no real evidence and that Batman can’t do anything about it. This sends the Bat all over town putting him at odds with such people as the Penguine, Scarface and others. Will he find the killer or will this become another unsolved crime.

This world has a very dark and scary feel to it. It really is noir style, with the violence much more visually brutal. At times, the story can be confusing and you can feel lost.  If you like Brian and Eduardo than this is a good, quick read.

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