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Gotham TV Series Premiere

This year`s fall line-up kicked off with its first comic super-hero TV series premiere of the season on September 22nd 2014. TV network Fox rushed to join the already established WB Arrow series and ABC`s Agents of Shield series in the fight for comic book based heroes supremacy on the small screen. Unlike most TV series, Fox bypassed the traditional pilot episode and went straight to a full season production for the new series Gotham. The series producer is Bruno Heller who developed the hit crime drama, The Mentalist.

Based on the Batman comic books, Gotham is a prequel story to Batman. The story starts with James Gordon as a rookie detective just assigned to be the partner Harvey Bullock. Gordon`s first case is the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. For those of you not familiar with the origin of Batman, this is the incident that leads Bruce Wayne on to the road to become Batman.

The first episode is packed with introduction of all the major characters in the series. I am not a big fan of this process since it basically shows everything without a build up. I would have preferred them to introduce the characters a few at  time and not overwhelm the viewer. The series is written similar to most crime dramas such as Criminal Minds and CSI.

The cast consists mostly unknowns or relatively new performers. The only big name would be Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of rapper/actor Will Smith, who portrays Fish Mooney. Ben Mckenzie, who played Ryan Atwood on the series The O.C., portrays James Gordon and David Mazouz, who was mute boy Jake Bohm on the series Touch, is Bruce Wayne. The actors and actress were for the most part fit their roles. The only exception to this would be Bullock`s character. He is portrayed by Donal Logue who does not fit the build I would imagine Bullock be.

Overall, the first episode was pretty good and does peak my interest. I am curious as to how the series will progress. Hopefully Fox`s record of butchering comic related TV series such Birds of Prey will spare this series.


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